Kiosk 13 with SYLVIA and EVRY

Kiosk 16 with NO MONEY and VALIUM GITAN

Kiosk 17 with SYLVIA remix by DJ Absurd

PARKER on Force Coming compilation Vol.2 

THE BALSAM OF THE TIGER digital released by Police in Helicopter 

VALIUM GITAN released by Six Degrees Records on the Transnational Dubstep compilation

INTO THE DEEP & OVERFISHING Remix on Deadly Sounds In A Silent World compilation released by The Oceans Of Music Projects 

MARIUTZA on Hadra Records compilation 

THE GREY WALL and MARIUTZA featuring Lucy & Lysa  released on Kiosk 27

Kiosk 29 with THE PRIEST with Dogboy Kelu

SA BAT ' MACHINES  is a french producer.

His music results of the fusion of a jazz background with a klezmer touch crossed to the reunion island melopees into a vibrant dustep live act.

He combines gypsies themes with a south indian ocean feeeling and wobbles, fat basses and strident synthetisers. 

SA BAT ' MACHINES  est un des producteurs dubstep les plus originaux de la scene francaise.

Apres avoir passe de nombreuses annees dans la musique live et instrumentale, il poursuit son chemin dans une mouvance electronique novatrice.

Le resultat de cette alchimie se retrouve saupoudree de wobbles, de basslines dementielles et autres synthes stridents, et fait mouche a chacune de ses performances live.


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